Helping Clients With Expungements and Record Sealing In Illinois

If you have a criminal arrest or conviction in your past, you may face negative consequences long after your have served your sentence or paid your fine. In fact, beyond simply an embarrassment, a criminal record can limit your job opportunities, prevent you from being able to obtain certain licenses and hurt your chances of getting loans. Add all of these up, and you are left in a very unenviable position.

Fortunately, however, you may have options available in Illinois when a past criminal wrong is threatening your future ― namely, expungements and record sealing.

At The Walker Law Firm, LLC, we can assist you and explain your legal options when it comes to both expungement and sealing your record. Under the guidance of attorney Martin N. Walker, we will guide you through this often complex process and work with you to help achieve your goals.

Understanding The Differences Between Expungement And Record Sealing

In Illinois, expungements and record sealing are two different things. Essentially, an expungement results in your criminal record being physically destroyed or returned to you. Also, your name will be removed from any official electronic index.

Conversely, sealing your record means that it will be closed to the public unless a court order is obtained. The courts, law enforcement and certain other entities will continue to have access to the records.

Ultimately, you must meet many specific legal requirements before you will be able to get an expungement or your record sealed. And, while we provide many answers online, it is always best seek the legal guidance of an experienced attorney when you have questions.

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