Residential And Commercial Real Estate

Waukegan & Chicago Real Estate Attorney

real estateWe believe that communication and understanding are the keys to satisfaction for our real estate clients. In making probably the most expensive and important purchase in one's life, it is imperative that your interests are represented and that all aspects of the purchase are explained and understood. This holds true whether the purchase is residential or commercial in nature. Additionally in the sale of a property, the seller needs to have the piece of mind that their interests and all the requirements of the sales contract and title transfer are upheld and completed to successfully close the deal. Whether you are buying or selling property, what is important is achieving the ultimate goal of having the property transferred successfully.

Commercial deals require a different type of finesse. You attorney must not only be versed in contract negotiation, but also willing to make themselves familiar with the community in which this purchase or lease is taking place. City restrictions, zoning requirements, build out-these are all areas that an attorney must be willing to find him/herself immersed in order to fully benefit a client. Commercial contracts require close monitoring, communication, and tough negotiations to be successful.

Title Insurance

As a Title Agent in the State of Illinois for several title companies, Mr. Walker is familiar with title searches, the clearing of title issues and the issuances of Owner's and Lender Policies. As an attorney practicing real estate law with the ability to oversee the title process and clearing of title problems, Walker Law Firm, LLC is your one stop destination to handle your real estate sale.